Holograms • Chasing My MindFirst off, no—this is not Jem’s backing band. Sorry, Reader. I was a bit bummed too.

In the real-life, non-80s-Japanimated world, Holograms is a band of four twenty-something Swedes who work in a Stockholm factory together and—when not hammering metal ores into giant cogs, let’s say (who knows, it might be a kitten factory)—churn out highly energized, new-wave-inspired, melodic punk.

Their songs are reminiscent of Wire and the Clash; the stuff of adolescent dreams, likely to inspire such frowned-upon choices as skateboarding, asymmetrical haircuts, ill-advised piercings, graffiti, and starting your own band with your not-so-talented but totally excited friends and playing tiny clubs to tiny crowds. Or, if you’re in your mid-thirties and a little old for any of that this far on, it just reminds you of a simpler, younger, more rambunctious time, while still giving you something new and modern to remind you that this stuff’s not coming from a band that broke up years ago; it’s coming from kids who are just starting out and who—with any luck—have a long road of creative productivity and awesome music ahead of them.

Listen to the band’s single, “Chasing My Mind,” and be on the lookout for their debut self-titled album next month via Brooklyn’s own Captured Tracks and some stateside shows in September at Mercury Lounge + 285 Kent. You can also order a limited edition clear vinyl 7″ from the label that features the track “ABC City.” Video forthat one below.

Photo by Julia Persson.

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