The Log.OS • Cancerous

It’s been a little while since we, the Interweb, has had a strange, mysterious band to get all abuzz over. Sure, there was Blank Dogs, back in 2007, but that was four years ago and they’ve since proved to be just another super-prolific Brooklyn band influenced by early new wave. And then there was smoothly mysterious debut, last year, of The Weeknd—AKA,  Canada’s Abel Tesfaye. But after copious (well-deserved) accolades, appearances on Drake’s release, and even some love from the final season of Entourage, Mr. Tesfaye isn’t exactly the music world’s Deep Throat (PS—click that link and visit The Weeknd’s site to download all of Tesfaye’s release free, including the one he just put out Dec. 21—tré impressionnant).

So we’re back to square one in 2012, I guess. No weird, unaccounted for creative endeavors here it seems. I guess we’ll…BUT WAIT! What’s that? There’s a brand new ‘band’ that no one can find any solid ‘pictures’ of and their ‘site’ is just a weird jumble of images that gives away their album of trippy soul for free‽ AND they spell their name all fucked-up like‽‽ Okay. Now we’re talking.

We seriously know little to nothing about The Log.OS other than it seems to be a project from producer/musician/beat-deconstructor/jewelry-designer(?), Ken Barrientos who pulls in some breathy, ethereal vocals from Nikko Gray (note—fine example of a simple, pretty site) and Iman Omari (note—auto-play audio…always a bad idea). And that the resulting music paints a pretty chilled-out, glitched-out soundscape of beautifully done new soul. Give his/their song, “Cancerous,” a listen to see what we mean. And if you like it (note—you will), visit his/their site to download the whole thing. For free. Beware though—said site with free download is rife with crazy pop-up ads that, while benign, are still annoying.