Just in case anyone was hazy on the matter, our old band, Speedwell, was officially emo.

This according to the new Web site, Is This Band Emo?, created by our friend Tom Mullen over at Washed Up Emo, a site that celebrates and covers the mid-ninties + early aughts emo scene before it all fell into the popular culture and morphed into the bubblegum chaos that is mall emo.

You can actually listen to an early interview Tom did with me in 2011 on Speedwell and the indie emo scene of the time on Washed Up Emo.

The simple idea behind Tom’s new venture—type in the name of a band and find out if they’re ‘legitimately’ emo or not. Christie Front Drive? Emo. Knapsack? Emo. Panic at the DiscoNot emo.

Some results, like what you get when you ask the site if Journey is emo, even come with a little audio/video back-up to the claim.