Listening to twenty-year-old self-taught British singer/songwriter, Lewis Watson, many musicians (your writer included) may initially have a reaction akin to that of Doogie Howser‘s older counterparts. Something along the lines of ‘How the hell is this kid so good/what have I done with my life?’

Poor other doctors.

Watson’s endearing, beautifully delicate music makes it pretty easy to come to terms with one’s own antiquated feelings of inadequacy though. His soulful vocals and stripped-down, rootsy, guitar-based songs strike an affecting balance between subtle R+B and your traditional emotive new folk that easily pulls you in as a listener.

Though Watson’s now on the British imprint of a major label, he rose to prominence through what’s now become a fairly familiar method—posting videos of himself covering other people’s music on YouTube, gaining particular recognition for his cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”.

Listen to the almost-title lead track from his new EP, The Wild, “Into the Wild” below and then download another wonderful cover he’s recorded—”Hold On” originally by London-based electronic artist, SBTRKT.

You can also check out his video for “Into the WIld” below and purchase his new EP digitally on iTunes or head to Watson’s site to order signed CDs + vinyl.

Listen to more music on Watson’s SoundCloud page.

Top photo by Josh Shinner; live photo below by Sarah Louise Bennett.