We just added to our design portfolio some branding and site design work we did for Los Angeles-based companion animal care company VIVA PETS.

One of the first questions we ask clients to answer for us with branding work is ‘What makes you unique in your field?’ How are you better than the guys down the street; how do you set yourself apart in your work; why should we chose you for whatever it is that you do instead of someone else?

If the answer’s difficult to grasp…that’s likely a bigger problem than can be adequately addressed by a creative agency. But, honestly, it usually isn’t, especially for small business owners. Usually the answer’s built into why those people started their business in the first place; usually it’s inherent in the passion they have for their work, otherwise they’d pack it up and opt for the far easier route of working for someone else.

With Aubrie, this uniqueness and advantage is inherent and baked in to not only her company’s work but her individual personality and passion for all animals. A longtime vegan and animal rights activist, Aubrie has positioned VIVA PETS to treat animals like their humans do, with the utmost care, compassion, and love. As they put it, “We care for your pets exactly how we’d want ours to be taken care of in our absence.”

Aubrie has a huge, kind personality, and that certainly came across in when we wrapped on her logo and site design, when she wrote on Facebook:
“the creative mavericks of raven + crow studio branded the hell out of my business, VIVA PETS! this has been a long time coming and i couldn’t think of better people to have done this. they created my logo, website and brand. i’m floored with how awesome everything came out. so, now my company reflects me. we aren’t just legit, we look legit now. so, a couple of things – check this shit out, tell your friends and if you need help in this arena hit them up.”

So do indeed hit us up.

You can see more in our portfolio and on VIVA’s site.

viva-pets-site viva-pets-mobile