Since last spring, we’ve been hard at work creating a new identity for new non-profit client.

Winrock International works in social, environmental, and agricultural issue areas with the goal of combining scientific and technical expertise with entrepreneurial innovation to improve lives around the world.

Winrock approached us with the primary goal of redesigning their then-out-of-date and far from user-friendly site. Working closely with them, we took some well-planned steps back from the overall project to realize the scope was far larger than first thought. The result was a total restructuring of the way Winrock thought about itself as an organization and a complete re-telling of their story to their audience.

We walked them through a rebranding, focusing first on the group’s overall presentation, logo, and brand so that we could then take that work, develop it, and grow it to apply not only to a fully rebuilt site, but also print and digital collateral, including field reports, educational handouts, email newsletters, event presentations, iconography, business card and letterhead suites, and much more.

You can see more in our portfolio entries for Winrock’s site + logo and visit the organization’s site.

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