Playing us into the weekend—the driving, oddly addictive track “Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)” from London’s Tom Vek.

Though the self-taught multi-instrumalist—née Thomas Timothy Vernon-Kell—has more than decade long career, he’s new to us…despite evidently guest starring as himself in an episode of The OC, playing a show at The Bait Shop. It was season three, though, and, as we all know, the show went south after the stellar season two.

Oh, The OC. We loved you so.

Back on track!

Give the lead single from Vek’s most recent full-length, Luck, a listen. The driving, deadpan song will likely worm its way into your brain much the way it did ours.

If you like it, check out another, more relaxed and glitched-out track from Luck, “Broke”—also awesome in a totally different way. These two songs have quickly brought Luck to the top of my personal list of full-length’s to buy ASAP.

You can get it physically + digitally via Vek’s Web site.

Photo by Emma Swann.