Literally, down to the wire!

Wait. I mean. Not literally. I’m looking around as I write this, I see no wires. More accurately, then—literally, posting the monthly mixtape at nearly the final hour of the month!

This is not a brag, mind you. If anything, it’s a cry for help.

Yes, yes, that quote Winston Churchill likely never actually said and all, but, turns out, when you’re staring the visceral, fang-filled, frothing mouth of the end of the world in the face, it’s very difficult to justify and make time for—energy for—let’s say, your top fifteen songs of the month.

But we motherfuckingdidit. Because, you know what? If we don’t, the terrorists win.


The President of our United States wins.


All signs point to needing some good music, much of it with some suspiciously riotous and activating tones, I might add.

Starting out, we’ve got our favorite track off the new The xx, which, start-to-finish as an album, we’re really loving. Next up, a great song from Teen Daze out of Canada (AKA, That Place All of Your Friends are Moving [really hope we’re kidding—WE CANNOT RETREAT!]). Then we’ve got some great new music from New York artsy banjo guy, Tall Tall Trees; terrible spellers/excellent musicians FAWNN out of Michigan; nice, melodic electro from NYC’s Satellite Mode; gritty pop from Southampton’s Laurel; an excellent excerpt from an excellent new album by Chicago’s Lindenfield; a nice, long-titled, jump-up-and-down-when-this-comes-on-at-the-party number from Melbourne’s Alex Lahey; a new one from London’s Georgia (confusing, yes, but she made our runners up list for best album in 2015 and is awesome); an infectiously beautiful song from Amsterdam’s LUWTEN; some refreshingly new-sounding shoegaze from Montreal’s No Joy; a nice slow burn from Slovenlie; our favorite track from Austra‘s new one; a nice, droney-yet-upbeat track from Göteborg’s Wildhart; and we’re closing out with what has to be the most beautiful, saddest song about Los Angeles in ages from one Ms. Phoebe Bridgers, from whom I’m sure we’ll hear much more soon (she also has the best URL in the biz).


I don’t know.

Let’s enjoy some fucking music—play it as we protest, as we plan, as we motivate, even as we push that extra bit to make ourselves not feel like shit in this feel-like-shit-era.

Not to play sides.