Just back from our very first Coachella and, I have to say, it’s pretty fucking awesome.

Sure, it was crowded with roughly 30,000 shirtless twenty-something bro-dudes and equally as many of their female equivalents (many also shirtless), but, overall, we have no complaints for a festival that brings together that many amazing musical acts.

And, though the performances and legitimately cool art were impressive on their own, the thing that amazed us both most was how very well organized the 90,000+ person event was. Sure, many of us have planned a party, but how many of us can say we’ve successfully planned a party for that many people? If you have, license to complain about Coachella granted; if not, I’d recommend chilling out, bro.

I’m looking at you, Bieber.

Above, six sequential, unedited shots of Katie at Aphidoidea‘s Chrono Chromatic—”a monumental sculpture that celebrates the festival’s broad spectrum of music and artist”; below, (spoiler!) the final state of Poetic KineticsPapilio Merraculous. Read more about the visual art at this year’s festival on Coachella’s Web site.