Reader, I’d never call myself a hero. Much less a superhero. But—MARK MY WORDS—I think I may be developing super powers. No, I can’t leap over buildings or shoot destructive beams from my eyes or eat a lot (no, for real—there was a kid called Matter Eater Lad in DC comics in the 60s who just…ate a lot), but I believe I may be showing signs of precognitive dreaming.

Last night…get ready for this…I had a dream that LA’s Local Natives had a new album coming out. And that I wrote about a song from it. And now…IT’S FUCKING HAPPENING!

Holy shit, right? I mean, yes, when we last wrote about the band it was spring of 2010, so some new material by them is certainly well overdue as is…and yes, true, maybe I heard that the band’s sophomore full-length—Hummingbird—would be coming out in the new year and just lodged that away somewhere in my musical subconscious…and yes, I kind of control what I blog about, so that is kind of like saying “Hey buddy, I can tell the future: I’m about to smack you in the face” and then smacking some poor fellow in the face (fair warning though)…but I’d still like to think I might be the next New Mutant or some such thing. Visionem Nocte? Trivial Future-Telling Dream Man?

Eh. Beats Arm Fall Off Boy.

Anyway, be you a believer of the supernatural, Reader, or a naysayer + skeptic, I’ll at least wager—NAY, PREDICT!—that’ll you’ll really like this new track from one of our favorite west coast bands. Catchy, driving, heavily rhythmic, and sounding a bit more subdued and mature than their Gorilla Manor days, I’d say it bodes well for the new album, out January 29 on Frenchkiss/Infectious.

The band’ll be Europe-bound next week but then back in Cali to celebrate their album release with a couple shows at the end of January and then playing three back-to-back sold out shows in NYC at the top of February. You can find a full tour listing on the band’s site.

Alright, stay tuned for more predictions of musically mystic import! HUZZAH!