Broken Records is one of those bands that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while but had yet to hear until recently. Turns out, they were worth the wait. The Scottish group hails from Edinburgh and plays and records as a small army of six or seven in that modern dark baroque style that’s earned them plenty a comparison to various state-side bands. But, rather than muddy up your auditory or intellectual waters with preconceived notions, I encourage you to check out their Song of the Week, “A Darkness Rises Up”—a rolling, emotive song that totally hits all the rights notes for me. Like it? Visit their site for another free track from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Let Me Come Home. It’s due out January 11th on the venerable 4AD, and you can order it via Insound. And be sure to catch them as they kick off their first US tour next February with Freelance Whales.