Pearl and the Beard • Sweetness
A long time ago, a friend of mine who worked at a pre-school daycare center had the seemingly fun, pure-of-heart idea to have his band play a show for the kids. He asked the kids if they were into it, and, being kids, they were psyched. So he and his bandmates got the go-ahead from the higher-ups and, when the day came for the mini-gig for the minis…it was a complete disaster. Main problem: A pop-punk band of college kids used to playing house shows where they have to be audible over the drunken shouts of their audience come across a tad loud to tiny, tiny ears. Essentially all of the kids ran away, literally, from the band. “They make my ears hurt,” was overheard at one point. Most concise band review ever.

Somehow I think things will go better this Sunday, when the superb electro band Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (goes over awesome in the south) and Brooklyn-based trio Pearl and the Beard (above, in the six-armed, three-headed, conjoined sweater) play KiDROCKERS at Park Slope’s Rock Shop. Comedians Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo host KiDROCKERS, which is not as lame as you’re thinking— “These All Ages shows are designed to bring families together to experience some of the most engaging and vital artists in indie music and comedy. Artists perform original (not specifically made for children) songs in a manner that is both authentic and kid-friendly. ” And I’m betting they turn down a little too. Evidently kid-run Q+A sessions and dancing on-stage are both common.

If you’re not into tiny humans or cute things, you can see both bands around the city this week at regular, smelly, drunken shows where there will likely be copious cursing. And, in the meantime, you should definitely check out this week’s Song of the Week, from Pearl and the Beard, “Sweetness.” It’s a charmingly beautiful and vigorous piece of pop music that has you humming and dancing along by the kick in the middle. Good, good stuff. Raucous original fauxlk with a sense of humor that stops short of cheeky. That’s right. I used ‘cheeky’ in a sentence as an American.

Below, a video medley of Will Smith tunes from Pearl and the Beard. You read right.

Pearl and the Beard – Will Smith Medley from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.