This Friday brings us an eclectic mix of shout-outs, and happenings. First…us.

In Interview
We’re not necessarily the types to toot our own horn much…we’re not even the types to type the word “toot” unless it’s part of a CLASSIC joke, but we were lucky enough to sit down recently with Amy Schroeder. Amy is the famed founder of one of our all-time favorite magazines, Venus, and she’s now gone on to start the DIY Business Association, which “empowers, educates, and connects creative small businesses and self-employed people to help them grow their businesses.” Cool, right? We attended their inaugural conference in Brooklyn at the end of June, and Amy was kind enough to ask us to do an interview for her site on small business client relationships, the start of raven + crow studio, and how being a jerk isn’t worth it. For serious. Check it out here, and stay tuned to DIYBA for more exciting events and news.

Red Hook Wed
One of our all-time-ever favorite artists and people is Jane Hyder Buck of the letterpress studio, Foxy and Winston. Jane’s been doing beautiful cards, baby clothing, bags, and wedding invites for years. So we were psyched when we saw this wedding invite map she designed for a Red Hook wedding. Beautifully awesome.

Vegan Nitty Gritty
Here’s a nice article in the Huffington Post from author Maya Gottfried on going cruelty-free and how it changed her life.

No Mo Moo’s Blues
Speaking of cruelty-free, check out this story of a recently rescued calf at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. We were able to meet Kayli the calf this week and she truly is adorable. Nice job, WFAS!

The Air Up There
Finally, check out the crazy nuts aerialist, Seanna Sharpe on the Williamsburg Bridge earlier this week. She may have been charged with a felony offense, but this is pretty amazing nonetheless. Best of luck to her and her partner as they suss all of that out. And we sincerely hope you all have a great weekend!