Reader, if you’re anything like us, you internalize and impart a weightiness worthy only of miraculous grandeur to things that—by the estimates of most—would be trivial, day-to-day tasks and decisions. Need some vegetable broth for that soup? Give me 6 hours—I’ll boil it down from these fresh vegetable scraps we’ve been freezing and accumulating over the past few weeks. What should we do for dinner? Well, it IS National Squirrel Appreciation Day, so why don’t we create some sort of nut-based vegan loaf and then serve it in a hand-crafted squirrel nest. Pasta night? Sure, let’s roll out the dough and hand me those hangers so we can air dry it all.
Wait, all of those involved food….

Anyway, over the years, it’s become a bit of a running joke—both between the two of us, and with our friends and family—that we tend to over-do and over-think…pretty much everything.

Which is why it’s usually, say, April by the time we settle on a nicely designed calendar for our household needs.

ALAS! This year we have been saved by an angel in the unlikely form of a Brooklyn-based press by the name of Fine Day Press. Run by fellow designer, Ashley Austin, the paper goods end of the business creates colorful, beautifully designed wedding invites, t-shirts, totes, and, yes, awesome calendars (like ours, pictured above).

So hats off to you, Ms. Ashley, for accomplishing what no mere mortal has yet-to-date—curbing our tedious, involved decision-making through fine design. Hats off, indeed.