The new video for Jamie xx’s “GOSH”—the first track off of his 2015, totally misspelled debut, In Colour—is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Shot in a Chinese town that’s a semi-abandoned replica of Paris, the whole thing gives off a eerily cool, post-apocalyptic feel that’s the perfect accompaniment for the song, especially when the massive extra choreography kicks in. What makes it even more impressive—the Romain Gavras-directed mini-film was evidently shot free of any special effects.

Way to make us care about a song that’s over a year old again, Mr. xx (but, really, Gavras).

PS—As of writing, In Colour‘s on sale for the random low price of $3.54 over at iTunes; if you don’t have it already, you really should.

Get creeped out below.

Jamie xx photo by Emma Swann.