We know you might possibly have other things on your mind today, Reader, so we’ll keep this short and confine ourselves to a format you’re likely currently used to given the goings-on around the nation.

PROPOSED MUSICAL AMENDMENT NUMBER ONE (1): Relating to the listening of ‘noise-pop’ or ‘dream-pop’, proposing an amendment to the Current State of Listening to Some Other Thing or (Potentially) Nothing At All, to increase the tonal reference points of the listener and potential aural enjoyment of 2012 (Proposed by Act No. FM2012-258). To vote in favor of the proposed amendment, click the play button below ONCE AND ONLY ONCE OR YOUR CLICK WILL BE COUNTED AS A VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. Or pause the song.
PROPUESTA DE MODIFICACIÓN NÚMERO MUSICAL UN (1): Relativo a la escucha de ‘noise-pop’ o ‘dream-pop’, que propone una modificación de la situación actual de la Escucha de alguna otra cosa o (potencialmente) Nada en absoluto, para aumentar la puntos de referencia tonales de la escucha y el disfrute potencial auditivo de 2012 (propuesta por la Ley N º FM2012-258). Para votar a favor de la enmienda propuesta, haga clic en el botón de abajo una sola vez O SU CLICK SE CUENTA COMO UN VOTO PARA Mitt Romney. Es evidente que él es el diablo.

建議音樂修訂NUMBER ONE(1):有關“噪音流行”或“夢想流行的英語聽力水平,提出一項修正案,聽一些其他的事情或(潛在的)什麼都沒有的現狀,以增加音調參考點的監聽器和潛在的聽覺享受2012號法令FM2012-258)要投贊成建議的修訂,請單擊下面的播放按鈕一次,只有一次或您的點擊會被計算為一票,羅姆尼(Mitt Romney)。很明顯,他是魔鬼。

We’d heard Brooklyn’s Field Mouse via OH MY ROCKNESS earlier this year but had yet to catch a show of theirs prior to CMJ. Live, the band comes off as wildly reminiscent of the early 90s noise-pop scene, reminding me alternately of the superb Pale Saints + early Velocity Girl, and sometimes sounding like a really nice hybrid of the two. The band’s core is made up of singer-guitarist, Rachel Browne, and guitarist, Andrew Futral, whose playing is sometimes more minimalistic scene-painting and really reminds me of this great mid-90s Richmond-VA-based band, Minnow.

Give their new track, “How Do You Know” a listen and, if you like it, pick it up in 7″ form over at Lefse Records. Twin Peaks fans—be sure to listen on below after the main track to hear the b-side, their dreamy cover of the show’s theme. Also below, the minimalist slo-mo video for their song, “Glass.” They’ll be playing a couple Brooklyn shows in the coming weeks too if you hunger for even more.

Ew. That ended on a weird note.

How Do You Know 7″ by Field Mouse