We’re admittedly late to the Japanese metal idol scene, so—embarrassing as it may be—we must confess, we’d never heard of the J-pop-metal mashup BABYMETAL until this month. Which is 100% our loss.

The Japanese group—led by 17-to-18-year-old Suzuka Nakamoto (“Su-metal”), Yui Mizuno (“Yuimetal”), and Moa Kikuchi (“Moametal”) and backed by the ghostly Kami band— began back in 2010 and kind of sounds exactly as you might expect; which is to say, SOUL-MURDERINGLY-AWESOME-MOTHER-FUCKER-kawaii✌️peace sign✌️

See below, the official video for their song “KARATE”, off of this April’s METAL RESISTANCE.

Also, can someone get these young women a new keyboard with a working caps lock, please?