I’ve always assumed that I should hate LA. Sort of the same way that I’ve always assumed that I should root for the Mets and tell the Yankees to shove it, despite the fact that I have absolutely no desire to follow, much less watch, baseball. You know, root for the little guy and hate on the rich kids. Since the Mets only have a payroll of $134 million and all, as compared to the Yank’s $206 million. But I digress. Point being, I live in New York, so LA must totally suck, right? But, lately, I’ve noticed more and more of my friends are moving out there and kinda lovin’ it. I’m also noticing that I keep getting TRICKED into liking bands from LA—damn the indie subterfuge! First Giant Drag, then HEALTH, then Edward Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeros…now Local Natives. The five-piece produces a somewhat familiar, laid back sound that’s popular with the kids these days, but one that’s irresistibly catchy, harmony-filled, and beautifully rhythmic. They root their work—from the actual music to artwork—in total collaboration and their debut album—Gorilla Manor—is named after the house where most of the songs were written and where they all lived in the OC (mmm…seasons 1 and 2). Their insanely addictive track, “Airplanes,” is this week’s Song of the Week. And, being that they now call Silver Lake home, we’re dedicating it to our friend, Martha, who moves out there Wednesday. Silver Lake, never break, M-dawg.

You can download Gorilla Manor with a bunch of perks or order the vinyl over at the band’s kinda bizarrely plodding site. And check out their live session over at Daytrotter.