Current studio vibes courtesy of Lizzo’s new Coconut Oil EP, out now.

We included the stupendous Minneapolis-based hip hop queen Lizzo—AKA Melissa Jefferson—on our March mixtape this year, which, according to our self-imposed rules on these mixes, means we can’t include work by her for another year. But, as we put the finishing touches on this month’s mix, we feel we have to call her new EP out; it’s simply too good not to feature.

You can stream the whole thing below via her YouTube page and get it via all the other usual suspects via Lizzo’s site.

For the record, our full list of mixtape rules is as follows:
1. No artist repeat for one year;
2. No covers;
3. No remixes;
4. No instrumentals;
5. No shirts, no shoes, no service.

Photo: Jabari Jacobs