After a little over a year-and-a-half of enjoying our outdoor office (which we wrote up last year), we’re officially announcing that we’ll be moving the design studio indoors to a new space in the now bustling Arts District in downtown Los Angeles.

The move’s partly a desire to re-separate work and life, partly a desire to have a dedicated space for professional creation + meetings, partly wanting to center ourselves in the booming creative scene that has become (not without controversy) downtown LA, and…partly because we are getting way too much sun out here, man. Seriously. Nearly every conversation we have with friends we haven’t seen in a while starts with “You two are so tan!”

So, doctor’s orders—new studio space.

We just signed the lease yesterday and will begin moving in mid-month, so we’ll doubtless have more images of the new space to come once we’ve prettied it up a bit, but suffice to say, we’re very excited.

More soon, friends.