A Better LA is a non-profit that promotes community safety + provides support services to marginalized populations across Greater Los Angeles. Concerned by the all-too-frequently heard news of violence among the youth on the streets of LA, then-USC football coach, now Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll invited community leaders to address the problem head-on. Rather than go in as outsiders, the group works through the existing local community, training and empowering outreach workers—many of whom are former gang members who have turned their lives around—to work with at-risk youths and families in disadvantaged areas across Los Angeles.

And it seems to be working.

Ten years after that first meeting, A Better LA is credited with helping to bring down crime rates and stave off violence in Angeleno communities. From Chief of Police Charlie Beck:

“We are at 40 year lows in Los Angeles in homicides. And a large part of that success is outreach work through groups like A Better LA. We have tried everything else over my career as a police officer—arresting everyone, hard-nosed suppression. It failed. Outreach work has helped transform the way we police.”

ABLA approached us about creating the concept and design for their yearly fund-raising gala’s event materials, including an event deck, an invite package, a journal, and event signage. You can see a full write on what we did for the materials in our design portfolio.

And good tidings to Pete Carroll and everyone at A Better LA on the eve of their celebration—you all do wonderful work and are well-worth celebrating!