One artist who didn’t make the cut for the coming June mixtape is newcomer Kino Kimino.

These mixes are almost as much about the flow and gestalt as they are about the worth of individual songs and, whereas we really love the debut full-length from NYC’s Kino Kimino (AKA Kim Talon), the tracks that make up the album are so stand-out-noticeable and unlike anything else we’ve heard of late, it was akin to entering a lion in a cat show.

So, instead, we’re featuring a stream of the album, Bait is for Sissies, out now on Wavve’s Ghost Ramp label.

Kino’s on tour overseas now and coming stateside for more shows in late June, but no dates for any west coast shows have been announced as of yet. She told us via Instagram she’s hard at work to make that happen soon though. We can only imagine her live show’s pretty stellar.