Lissy Trullie • Madeleine

We first heard and wrote about NYC-artist Lissy Trullie way back in 2009. And yeah, I know—remember when 2009 wasn’t way back when? Anyway, at the time, signer-singwriter and sometimes-model, Trullie, was said to be working on her debut full-length with famed producer and ex-Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler, at the time, but the imminent release kept getting less and less imminent. Regardless of the reasons for the delay, it’s going to be worth the wait if this first track from it’s any indication. Comparisons to early Velvet Underground are inevitable and, in my mind, welcome, but Trullie of course brings her own voice and edge to the song, building a methodical, warmly distorted drive that slowly tumbles into a gentle crescendo. Like rolling down a shag-carpet-covered hill in Central Park. Check it out. Album due out next March on Downtown Records.  …OR SO THEY SAY!!!