Whether you’re of the mind that horse-drawn carriages are quaint, charming throw-backs to a time long-lost or you think they’re a totally cruel, unnecessary, inhumane tourist trap, you most likely at least agree that shouldn’t be used up and thrown away—literally sometimes—with the garbage. But that’s what’s happening with some of the carriage horses from New York City. As is, there aren’t any governing laws that require any documentation whatsoever when the horses are taken out of the city. So owners can do pretty much anything they want with these animals.

So take, like, one second, and sign this petition at change.org. It proposes the radical (italics denote sarcasm in this case—I’m not an ironic qoute marks kinda guy) notion that owners of carriage horses in NYC be required to sell the animals to private individuals or legit animal sanctuaries. Nothing crazy.

As you may have already guessed, we happen to fall in that second camp, by the by, and think that the whole industry is fucked, and guess what? That lady from Glee agrees with us! …though she didn’t use that exact wording. Check out her totally not lip-synched video below. It’s actually very enlightening and well-done. Then, if you want to speak up for the 200 horses working day in and day out on the rough (currently super-snowy) streets of New York, take another quick second and visit this site. Seriously. Like, seconds to speak up for these poor creatures who can’t speak up themselves.

And thanks!

Photo above, courtesy of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages; video, courtesy of NYCLASS/PETA; and poster image by us, from a campaign we did with NYC vegan shoe store, MooShoes a couple years ago.