A few months back, I got an email from the band Tennis—not because we’re pals, because I’m on their email list—explaining that they were giving up the touring life for the open sea for a while.

To be fair, that’s how the husband-and-wife band started, more or less. As singer + musician Alaina Moore wrote, back in January:

“Six year ago, Patrick and I wrote an album under the moniker Tennis as a way of documenting our time living aboard a small boat, sailing over 2000 miles of North Atlantic coastline. In the following years, our work as Tennis surprised me by out-sizing  and eventually supplanting our dreams of life at sea.” She continued—”The last six years have belonged to music. Voyaging is a way I have found to live close to nature without changing it. It is a way of limiting my social and financial obligations. I find it to be the most cathartic, psychically cleansing way to live event though I am at every moment insecure and subject to the indifference of nature. This time my creative work will be archival, motivated by the desire to show you what I mean rather than sing it to you.”

Roughly every month-and-a-half to two months, the two have sent updates with a few photos, always equally inspiring. The most recent one came this morning, ending with the lines: “Sailing is an act of faith. We strike out into nothing believing that something will be there on the other side. When we arrive, it is like a truth revealed.”

I recommend signing up for the band’s updates—yes, it’s handy to know what such talented music-makers are up to, but, maybe more importantly, we can take these words to heart and find our own new adventure.

Normally I’d insert a song by the band via SoundCloud here, but, with their recent move to keep with subscription services like Apple + Spotify, Tennis’ entire catalog (like many bands’) is on preview lock, so you can no longer listen to them fully there without paying SoundCloud (who does not pay Tennis…or any other artist currently, it should be point out).

So YouTube it is! Oldie-but-goodie.