Seriously, 2016‽ What the fuck‽

Still coming to grips with the loss of Bowie and now Prince is gone. We honestly cannot believe this. Two legendary figures in not only music but in culture—two men who shaped our generation in so many ways—gone far too soon and so close to one another in time. This is simply unfair. And terrible.

Our hearts go out to fellow fans of Prince Rogers Nelson, particularly those in his native Minneapolis, who must be reeling right now.

There are far too many songs to chose from to pay tribute to Prince, one of the most prolific popular song-writers of our time, so we chose one Prince didn’t write—Radiohead’s “Creep”, performed at 2008’s Coachella, which he, of course, kills.

Rest in peace, you sexy motherfucker. And please start the coolest band ever in the afterlife with Bowie + Lemmy.