On our way out the door, but we wanted to pass on our weekend mini-playlist—the five songs we can’t stop listening to lately.

The Dogs • Dance More
Heard about these guys via Oh My Rockness Radio, which is great in and of itself. And this song indeed amkes us want to dance more. Well-titled! Here is they.

Walk the Moon • The Liftaway
Band from Cincinnati (I know, right?) that has a penchant for super-likable songs and insanely designed MySpace pages from what we can tell.

Metronomy • Heartbreaker
Friend of mine posted a song from this band on my Facebook page with no explanation at all. After some investigation, I found that the band was Metronomy—and insanely British, quite addictive eletro-pop outfit that I can’t quite stop listening to.

Fences • Girls with Accents
This guys’ tragically great, as is this song and its story of ‘wanna do good but my self won’t let me.’ We wrote about him hereHis site and debut album.

And our final song for the weekend—a brand new gem from our good friend Meredith Bragg (pictured above with a bird). The song—Birds of North America”—is featured on a split with the talentedly awesome Donny-Hue and the Colors. Song’s below via Soundcloud, and you can purchase the hard copy—limited edition white vinyl—or digital via The Kora Records.

Peace out!
Birds of North America by thekorarecords