Des Ark • Ashley’s Song

I seriously have not been able to stop listening to this week’s Song of the Week. “Ashley’s Song,” from the superbly titled album, Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker, starts out with a whisper and quickly pulls you into what somehow feels like a guitar-heavy, spastically  rollickingly rhythmic boat ride across the Rocklantic. Yes. Exactly that.

The song comes from the sophomore album by Des Ark, led by Philadelphia’s Aimée Argote (pronounced e-MAY), which, as far as I’ve been able to find out, is a cast of characters that rotates around Aimée, her whisper-to-roar voice, and some equally, elegantly soft-to-harsh instrumentation.

You can listen to the whole album over at bandcamp and then order it in a wealth of formats (black, white, clear, AND gold vinyl?) via Lovitt Records.

Photo by Sara Sanger.

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