A couple months ago, we brought you the sad, sad news that one of our favorite New York City feline toughs—Bowery the cat, known dog-chaser, lion-impersonator, and stare-down-champion of vegan super-store MooShoes—had ventured forth to that great catnip field in the sky (you can see a photo of Bowery here).

At the time, we had this illustration of Bowery in-process for MooShoes—a long-time client of ours—and, now that Bowery’s swatting down at us…somewhat playfully from above, these just-in totes have become a physical commemoration of sorts to that stern, rather grumpy cat.

Go vegan, ya’ll. Or this cat will totally eff you up.

Made in the US and printed at the New-Hampshire-based company, Enviro-Tote, on heavy-duty, royal blue, 10 oz. cotton, the 4 gallon totes are 19″ wide x 16″ wide and have triple-stitched double hand-/shoulder-straps. So, yes, you can totally carry a week’s worth of groceries, or your beach-bound picnic….or your chihuahua in these. But best not opt in on that last one—Bowery will surely haunt you in your dreams for such a lack of respect and wild besmirching of his memory. Tiny dogs in bags? How dare you‽

Bags available at MooShoes—78 Orchard Street on the lower east side—and from the MooShoes site while supplies last.