Ah, Reader, sometimes—though we love you, obviously—we feel that we just don’t know each other that well. I know, I know: You like music…from bands…and…breathing air. But I just feel like there’s a distance between us, you know? You get me? You get me. 

In a show of good faith, Reader, we’re taking the first steps to building a more stable, healthy relationship.

Take a few, soon-to-be joy-filled minutes and take a look at this interview we took part in, conducted by Kristin of Rose Pedals Vegan Weddings. Doing so, you’ll then get a brief, glittering glimpse inside our tiny little world of font-hatin’, cat-lovin’, and invite-makin’. You can see one such invite—available via Thomas-Printers—above.

And, astute as you are, Reader, I’m sure you remember the interview we conducted with Kristin last fall, but if you’re interested in vegan weddings and how she started her business, check that out again here.

Now. Tell us a little bit about yourself. This is a two-way street, after all. Are you more of a cat person? No? Dogs? Do you like beets (you really should)? Long walks on the beach…? Give us something.