A few years back, we partnered with a lovely letterpress down in Carlisle, PA, Thomas-Printers, to create custom-designed wedding invite templates. The idea is to provide high-quality letterpress printing, immersed in the tradition of hand-crafted elegance, at a price point that’s open to a wide audience. So, Thomas-Printers partners with designers—like us—to create brand new wedding invitation designs that can then be ordered and customizes in color and content by the customer.

Originally, we submitted two design—the dramatically titled Cinematic and The Sparrow—and then, this past week, debuted two new hot-off-the-presses…literally…designs at the massive National Stationary Show. We stopped by the show at the Javits Center Monday to meet up with Kseniya Thomas from Thomas-Printers and be totally overwhelmed by all things paper (including a new line of greeting cards from Taylor Swift? Weird.)

In addition to running Thomas-Printers, Kseniya also co-founded the Ladies of Letterpress, a national trade organization created to “promote the art and craft of letterpress printing and to encourage the voice and vision of women printers.” So yeah, she’s cool. As are the other ladies of letterpress who exhibited with her. We were very excited to have two of our designs appear alongside such exceptional work and wish everyone safe travels as the show wraps up.

You can see our new design below (Hannah + Jack and Isabelle + Jeffrey) and they’ll be available for order at Thomas-Printers soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out the other extremely talented LoLp exhibitors when you get a chance—Kansas’ Wildhorse Press; Austin’s Studio Slomo; Philly’s CleanwashPainted Tongue and Dandy Lion, both from the bay area; Brooklyn’s Heartfish (holla!); Pasadena’s Anemone; Canada’s Ink Petals and Lulabelle; and Omaha’s lovely Paper Lovely.