It’s a pretty universal sentiment that some of the coolest toys are the simplest. The simplest of the simple and coolest of the cool have to be wooden building blocks. I can’t remember what I did last weekend (no, seriously—why is my head bandaged up and where did this monkey come from?), but I honestly have fond, fond memories of playing for hours as a wee lad with those oh-so-common wooden blocks that were smoothed out into the most basic of shapes—stacking them up, knocking them down, creating and breaking down cities and miniature worlds. Well, these Balancing Blocks make me want to do it all over again. Hand-crafted by Red Hook’s product and furniture design company, Fort Standard, these colorful, rustic blocks skillfully balance (hah, get it?) aesthetic wow factor with simple, child-like joy. We seriously want them. Now. Find ’em on Steven Alan’s site or get them and many other fine products directly from FS. Now excuse me while I go play with my electric train set.