Somehow in the hustle + bustle of 2014, we 100% missed the long-anticipated debut LP from a Brooklyn newgaze favorite, Field Mouse.

The band was in the midst of hammering out album details when we last spoke with them in a 2013 interview and, luckily, they didn’t take any major detours in terms of the band’s sound live and on the many singles + EPs released leading up to that point. Noisey washes of bending, layered guitars give singer, Rachel Browne, a point on the wall to aim for as she sways back and forth between blended swoons and piercing, poppier, forward vocals, all setting a tone that both solidly nods to the early 90s shoegaze I loved and works to gain new ground.

By all accounts, the band made a pretty big impression at SXSW last week, so here’s to their success! The band’s been raising funds to help pay for a tour that’s led up to and continued on beyond South by, offering a host of fun rewards, among them, a new cover album they’re set to record. Check out details on the band’s Web site.

You can listen to the new LP, Hold Still Life, in full below and buy it in its various forms through their label, Top Shelf Records.