Kindness • House

Reader, I may be gradually coming down off of a social high brought about by a weekend full of Indian stick dancing, power-karaoke, and time well-spent with good friends, old and new, but I seriously love the creator of this week’s Song, Kindness.

Not only does London’s Kindness—AKA, Adam Bainbridge—create some of the most smoothed out, catchy electronic tunes you’ll have a chance to hear these days, but he also seems like a genuinely cool—I’ll say it—kind guy.

Wonder what he thinks about ravens…

Give his track, “House,” with it’s simple, endearing message a listen and see what you think. I’m warning you now, though—it’s one of those songs that creeps into your psyche and settles in there, keeping you coming back again and again. You can pre-order Kindness’ debut LP, World, You Need a Change of Mind, and listen to another great track from it, “Cyan,” over at Terrible Records, Chris Tayor of Grizzly Bear‘s label. You can also download the e-version now over on the iTunes.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the kind of adorable video below, where Bainbridge briefly discusses his take on house music and then explains to a cute ‘lil chap how to use a drum machine before they embark on a musical adventure and awesome little dance number. As both Passion Pit and tUnE-yArDs have shown us in the past, kids + indie = gold. Especially, it turns out, little kids with British accents.

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