If you’re looking for a last-minute idea for your Memorial Day picnicking, pot-lucking, and/or general foodie merriment,we politely put forth one of our favorite recipes from Mangoes and Curry Leaves, Beets with Tropical Flavors, which Katie made up for our neighbor’s annual pre-Memorial Day party.

We’ve written up a veganization of a fish stew from that same cookbook in the past, but this one’s already animal-/vegan-friendly as is, showcasing the naturally sweet, earthy flavor of cooked, fresh beets and the complimentary richness of coconut milk.

This go ’round, we subbed kaffir lime leaves for the called-for curry leaves simply because those are what we had on-hand, but, in general, the recipe’s relatively simple with a pretty high payoff-to-work ratio.

You can see the fully transcribed recipe over at food.com.

Enjoy! And—we’ll warn you now—wearers of summer white, eat carefully.