Last week, we were driving around Los Angeles with a friend of ours in from New York when, suddenly, on the northbound 110, we all realized we were listening to a song about Donald Trump.

The song—being played on KCRW—was Death Cab for Cutie’s new track “Million Dollar Loan” and it kicked off the new project 30 Songs, 30 Days—”an independent website that will release one song per day from October 10 until Election Day” from “artists for a Trump-free America.” It’s the brainchild of Dave Eggers and McSweey’s + co., the creators of 90 Days, 90 Reasons, “which sought to motivate voters to give President Obama a second term.”

From the 30 Songs site:

SEAN HANNITY is mid-interview with presidential hopeful, DONALD J. TRUMP on FOX News.

SEAN HANNITY: Now Donald, have you heard the new song written about you by the indie rock band, Death Cab For Cutie?

DONALD TRUMP: I haven’t but I hear it’s terrible. Just a terrible, terrible song. Nobody I know has ever heard of these guys because they have no talent. Absolutely no talent. Small potatoes if you ask me. And that band name? What a bunch of losers. Bad!

SH: The singer sounds like a lady but he’s actually a 40 year old man!

DT: Well like I said I haven’t heard it but you know, it’s terrible. Everyone is saying this.

As of writing, 30 Songs is on song number nine and includes new originals from Aimee Mann, Jim James, Thao, Franz Ferdinand‘s “Demagogue” with an accompanying Shepard Fairey print, and—released yesterday—an EL VY song that’s paired with a Richard Walrus video game.

You can listen to a few of our favorites below and keep up with the full list and day-to-day new releases at 30 Songs’ site.