The inspiration for the primary imagery of the logo comes from nature itself. As YieldStreet states on their Web site: “The oxpecker rests on the Impala in order to alert the impala of impending danger. The oxpecker also forages on organisms harmful to the impala. In exchange, the impala provides the oxpecker shelter and food. These two animals have a beautiful symbiotic relationship.”

The core messaging we wanted to communicate about this company—what set it apart in our minds—is the symbiotic relationship between investor and borrower. Honing in on imagery and a concept as unconventional as the company itself sets them apart from their competitors, nearly all of whom employ sterile, unmemorable brands without stories that say little more than “hey, this is our name”.

After establishing the brand, we let that set the tone for the work to come on YieldStreet’s web presence, a dynamic site with width breaks that allow for shifts to mobile versions and separate guest + members versions.

The result was a dynamic, deep content, tool-oriented site that both demonstrated the unique value of the company to newcomers and allowed members to invest in up-to-date opportunities or post their non-traditional asset classes for investment by others. We worked with the client, establishing a consistent visual theme that grew from the brand we created and designing a seamless, intuitive user experience. The site featured member dashboards, form and database-driven technology, a dynamic design that snaps to a separate mobile version at lower screen widths, and separate UXs for members and non-members.

In addition to the site design, we also acted as photo curators, choosing stock imagery to extend the company’s brand, and illustrated custom iconography for the asset classes and other site functions. Yield Street has since moved to a more muted, simplified template for their site that continues to pull through the original overall site structure and branding we established.