The first thing we did was walk them through a name change, workshopping naming options before arriving at The Animal Museum. Next, we worked through our branding process, meeting with their board members, gathering ideas and feedback, and exploring multiple design avenues in a number of in-depth rounds of presentations. Each round involved mocking up various materials with the various draft marks to give everyone a full sense of how the brands could be implemented.

In the end, we arrived at a logo that focuses on modern, elegant simplicity with simplified geometric letterforms that can employ solid, high-impact colors and stylized imagery to coincide with timely campaigns and projects.

After establishing the museum’s name and logo, we extended the organizational brand into business cards, signage, and other products before beginning the design and visual direction of the museum’s permanent exhibit, working hand-in-hand with Santa Monica environmental design firm, March Studio. The museum sadly closed in 2017 mid-process with plans to reopen in a new space soon thereafter that have yet to materialize.