After working with OCHA on their internal materials and communication collateral, our studio helped put together Humanitarianism in the Network Age, a milestone publication for the UN that examines the effects that increasingly informed, connected, and self-reliant communities have on the delivery of humanitarian aid. Putting such a large publication into motion meant months of planning and coordination with UN partners, weighing in on art direction and overall design direction, and intense print management to ensure the precise die cuts of the cover and unique neon Pantone color used were executed properly.

This project and the companion piece, a 46-page perfect bound booklet of data and trends, were design collaborations between Hype & Slippers, Broadley Design, raven + crow studio, and OCHA Visual Information Unit.

Derived from the design we created for their forward looking publication and website, OCHA in 2012 & 2013, we designed, built, and managed the process for multiple interactive web presences for the organization’s annual reports in 2011, 2012, and 2013, featuring drop-down tables of detailed budgetary and staffing information, interactive world maps, stories pages that communicate personal narratives, and a wealth of rich, evocative photography from around the world.

We designed This is OCHA (french and english versions) as a public relations tool to educate their audiences on their overall message and accomplishments. Download a recently updated Web version of the brochure to view the publication in full.

At this point, our work with OCHA has spanned nearly a decade and we’re honored to have been a part of their much-needed work in international aid and development.