We just added a branding project to our portfolio that we completed this past spring/summer for a local greenway and neighborhood environmental group, Westwood Greenway.

The group found us—oddly enough—through tacos.

As Greenway Steering Committee member Jonathan Weiss wrote us at the time:

“About a week ago, I went to a bike clothing sale where 100 Tacos was serving up veggie tacos.  I took a picture so I could find him later.  Searching for him, I found you.  And boy, was I blown away.  I may have come across you at just the right time…or not. We’re a group of volunteers who have been working to create a park—instead of a parking lot—next to a train station.  The park will clean water, restore a native ecosystem, and teach sustainability, among other things.”

Well, it did turn out to be just the right time. We scheduled calls with the members of the steering committee to learn more about the direction they’d hoped to take the Greenway, finding out along the way that they shared an impressively aggressive timeline with the City of Los Angeles as the city government pushed to open the new Westwood/Rancho Park Station of the expanded Metro Line.

After much discussion and focused feedback from the members, and some design exploration, we all decided to keep intact two key elements from the group’s original logo (below)—incorporation of railway imagery/concept to show “accessibility and environmentally responsible transportation” and the imagery/concept of the native Sycamore, which plays strongly into the architectural design of the Greenway itself.


In the end, we arrived at an elegant solution that gave the group more functionality and flexibility in their branding…and we met our event-centric deadlines. High fives all around!

You can watch Westwood Greenway’s video below—which incorporates our new logo—and visit their site to learn more.