File under: Things We Like—candles from PF Candle Company.

More specifically, this candle from PF Candle Company—the Teakwood + Tobacco Soy Candle.

PF is a downtown LA-based company that creates high-quality, small batch, hand-poured candles using domestically grown soy wax, cotton core wicks, and apothecary-inspired packaging. So nice stuff. It’s run by husband and wife team Kristen Pumphrey + Thomas Neuberger (pictured right), who, I’m assuming, smell amazing.

PF’s fragrances run the gamut of high-end candle scents with a unique twist, focusing in on slightly sweet, earthy smells—Amber + Moss, Campfire, and Cut Grass Special are just a few varieties. You can see the rest on the company’s site.

Our favorite—the Teakwood + Tobacco candle—is the company’s best-seller.  So we have awesome taste, right?

We’re no noses, but burning the candle fills our house with a pleasingly smokey, slightly peppery sweetness that’s just makes us smile. PF notes that the candle has “base notes of aged teak and sandalwood, with a hint of muskiness from patchouli essential oil.”

These guys take their candles seriously. You should too. You can order directly from PF’s site or check their stockists to see who carries the candles near you. We get ours at YES/Reform School in Silver Lake.

Added bonus—these candles won’t break the bank. Large candles are $16 across the board; small ones are $11. Plus free matches if you know the special handshake.

And, if you’re wondering, the PF’s short for Pommes Frites. Why pommes frites?
“A lot have wondered about the hidden meaning behind naming our company after french fries. The answer is simple: “Pommes Frites”, when pronounced correctly, sounds pretty similar to Kristen’s last name, “Pumphrey”. Well, and belgian fries are awesome.”

Now I know how to say that correctly! Paris, here I come!

It’s a win-win day, guys.