Guys, I totally got tricked into liking a Christian band.

That’s not fair. Vancouver band We Are the City may or may not define themselves as a Christian band, but they certainly don’t shy away from the subject matter of god or faith in their songs, specifically in the context of the Christian upbringing of guitarist, David Menzel, and singer-keyboardist, Cayne McKenzie.

And they’re on Christian label, Tooth and Nail Records.

And they have songs with names like “King David”,  “Passing of the Peace“, and “Baptism“.

…so, yeah, they’re a Christian band.

But they’re a REALLY FUCKING GOOD Christian band. So good that I couldn’t stop listening to them when I discovered their new, jaw-droppingly amazing album, Violent, the other night and the beautiful video series they’ve created for it. As I told a friend and ex-bandmate over email, I feel like this is what good, progressive emo music of the late nineties and early aughts should have evolved into. Beutifully intricate, emotively introspective, thoughtfully crafted music that’s really hard not to love. Even once you realize it’s essentially Christian rock.

Dammit! It’s Dakota Motor Company all over again!

Check out We Are the City’s video for “Baptism” below.