We made a trip down to the Huntington Beach Art Center today to catch Common Side Effects, an exhibition of the work of artist and skater Ed Templeton.

The show features mostly Templeton’s photography (and that of five other Huntington Beach artists Ed chose to be part of the show), documenting both the skate + music scene of the nineties and then blooming out into more contemporary subject matter closer to home for Templeton and company, painting a raw, gritty scene of the artist’s hometown.

The work’s impressive, especially for us, who were previously largely unfamiliar with his art and being brought to the show by fans. We’d highly recommend a trip south to see the densely beautiful show—you can follow it up with a stop in to one of our favorite nearly-near-at-hand restaurants, Seabirds Kitchen—one of the best vegan spots in Southern California.

Common Side Effects runs through next Saturday, November 7th.

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