Last week, via our vegan food account on Instagram, we posted a picture of a vegan challah bread that we made. The bread—a first for us—not only came out looking beautiful, it also tasted amazing.

All of which we owe to the mad culinary skills of our friend Roxy Storm back in LA, who developed the recipe. Roxy—picture below with an enormous and outstanding quilt she knit—developed the recipe and was kind enough to share it with us.

roxyKinder still, she agreed to have us share it here after some friends asked on IG. So here it is, written out by Roxy. And feel free to follow Roxy’s knitting and make inquiries over at Roxy Storm Fiber Art on IG. Thanks again, Roxy!

Oh, and if anyone’s wondering, the beautiful stained glass trivet was made by Debbie Bean, another talented Los Angeles artist.