At raven + crow studio, our day-to-day operations are pretty streamlined. It’s essentially two of us working in a studio that used to be part of a pre-prohibition brewery, so cool and old-school, yes, but not exactly cushy. Being a small business and personally and professionally concerned with lessening our overall impact overall, we generally keep it simple—walking half an hour to work and then back every day, relying on reusable and recycled paper and other materials whenever possible, sourcing from and supporting local businesses as much as we can, and almost always bringing lunches from home.

So, when the rare day comes around and we decide to order lunch—because of a heavy workload or having to be at the office super-early or just because we want to treat ourselves—we get pretty f’in psyched. And, being people of the world and living in such a diverse, exciting city, we always try to expand our horizons. “Let’s order from the vegan raw place up the street! Or maybe the veggie asian place over on Court! Or maybe V-Spot!” But, I’d say 4 out of 5 times, we end up walking a few blocks northwest and pick ourselves up a vegan Vietnamese sandwich from Hanco’s on Bergen. And we rarely regret it.

Next time you’re in Cobble Hill, give ’em a try. Not only do they make Bánh mì with fried tofu, they’ve also now got mock chicken (pictured above) and the brand new mock roast pork, and, we must say—they are BAD ASS. Oh, and be sure to order them without butter and mayonaise—both staples on traditional Bánh mì. They’ve assured us that the mock meats are totally vegan, which makes sense, because they both remind us of the chicken and veggie ham from May Wah, both of which are vegan. And yes, that “chicken” has “vegetarian perfume” in it. Hm….

But trust us! It’s AWESOME!