Did you guys know that emo crooner Chris Carrabba and Dashboard Confessional frontman had a bluegrass-y folk-pop band? Yeah, me neither.

Actually, this track, “Back to You”, made it onto a few of my favorite playlists earlier this year and I had no idea I was even listening the breaker of so many young girls’ early-aughts hearts. But, as fate would have it and much like teenaged mall-goers so many years ago, I’d been tricked by legitimately catchy melodic hooks and overly earnest vocals into liking Chris Carrabba songs.


Carrabba’s new band, Boca Raton-based Twin Forks, writes and plays what can only earnestly be described as pop music. But it’s pop music that employs rootsy, folk instrumentation, essentially dropping the songs into a bluegrass spin cycle. All that said, it’s pretty good stuff and it’s undeniably catchy—a guilty pleasure at worst; songs to grow on you at best. But good stuff, regardless.

Plus, you know, they cover a Taylor Swift song, so they can’t be all that bad.

Listen to “Back to You” below. If you like it—and I bet you will—head over to their newly released sampler on Noisetrade to download (it includes the Swift cover). You can listen to + buy the band’s 2014 full-length via the iTunes.

Photo by the talented Tristan Casey.