Though, as Henry Rollins recently eloquently explained, Autumn is much more a concept here in Los Angeles, less an actual season, we welcome October as the first full fall month and one of our favorites nonetheless. Even if it is going to be in the triple digits Friday.

With it, we present our October mixtape, being an accumulation of new sounds that we’re really digging of late.

This month we’re featuring some great new tracks from the likes of Montreal-based newcomers, Seoul; Jonquil frontman Hugo Manuel’s excellent solo electronic-R+B project Chad Valleyanother newcomer, Bayonne—AKA, Roger Sellers—from whom we’ve only heard a single track, but, man, that track; an impressive Battles-esque  track from OK City’s Tallows; a new showing from someone we haven’t heard from in a bit, Brooklyn’s Small Black; a new one from someone we really haven’t heard from in a while, German ‘indietronica’ band, Ms. John Soda of Morr Music; and, of course, much much more.

Listen below or on our soundcloud page, and be sure to check out past mixtapes if you’re looking for more.