Can You Spare a Three-Piece Suit?

Having just found out exactly how much we owe the various governments in taxes, we, along with the rest of the nation, feel very, very poor. How poor? Barrels are vegan, right? You heard it here first. I foresee barrels as clothing making a HUGE comeback. For reals. Plus awesome garters to hold your socks up, come to think of it.

Point being, even in these tough times, we want to look half-way decent, right? But how? HOW?! We recommend giving the Gilt Groupe a try. Started by two long-time friends with histories in the Silicon Valley and the valley of Fifth Avenue fashion, the site basically acts as an online sample sale, featuring two to four high-end designers daily. Lines vary from shoes to jewelry to men’s suiting to pretty much anything that looks nice on. Fancy duds at cut rate prices without the hassle of living in New York and trying on a pair of pants in front of 100s of crazed shoppers (yes, I have, on occasion, been known to stand in the basement of Steven Alan’s show room wearing neigh but me boxer-briefs). 

So far we’ve gotten a lovely Hunter Wellies and a tip-top shape reverse seam Steven Alan shirt for a fraction of their retail price, all with no complaints and timely shipping. 

The site reads as ‘invite only,’ but all you have to do is go to their site and sign up to request an invitation. Members only for everybody. Ooh, though I do get a discount for inviting people, so let a brother know if you’re interested. 

Ravens out.