Reader, you may or not know this about us, but we are terrible decision-makers.

I don’t mean that we make poor decisions, like, ‘hey, we’re low on money, let’s cook meth!’ Rather, we deliberate ad nauseam with both major, life-altering courses of action and trivial choices—say, what to have for dinner. Honestly, we annoy ourselves wildly, so, to you, our readers, and, more so, to our real-world friends, we apologize on behalf of our mutual state of perpetual muddled irresolute un-rock-ribbedness.

I think.

Case in point—should we move home + office back to New York or stay here in LA. Like two evenly matched warring nations…or Conan the Barbarian battling Red Sonja, the pro-/con- lists are in constant state of ebb + flow, matching each other blow-for-blow.

Pros, LA: it’s a new place + experience right when we feel like we need exactly that; the access to nature for an urban center is unparalleled; it’s a mecca of local, vegan-friendly food; you can actually have a yard here; though we have yet to do it, we’ve been told (many times) you can wake up in the mountains, go skiing, drive to the beach and go surfing, all in the same day; people are REALLY (sometimes off-puttingly) nice; and, finally—THE. WEATHER.

Pros, NYC: it’s a never-sleeping, high-energy, buzzing hive of culture, politics, music, art, and ethnicities from around the world; it’s got a certain stoic classiness + history that no other city in America can rival; we’ve been there for ten years and put down roots; we’re nearer to our respective families; our dearest friends in the world live there; it’s—in our mind—indisputably the coolest city in the world.

I won’t go into cons—trying to be more positive, man—but they’re the usual you’d expect. So you see our conundrum, Reader. Honestly, it’s a good problem to have—we feel like we’d be happy either place and, essentially, we’re choosing between two really lovely lives. But it’s clearly a really big decision and one that we flip-flop back and forth on day-to-day.

Our solution: every day we each vote—NYC or LA—writing our vote down on a little slip of paper, folding it up, and dropping it into this lovely little bank, meant to hold spare change but currently—please excuse the high-school-era over-dramaticism—holding our future. Come late November, right before Thanksgiving, we tally up the votes and make the call. Some may see this as an affect of indecisiveness; we’d like to think of it as a tool to measure our impressions day-by-day and give voice to our mutual intuition.

Plus it’s a cute ‘lil ombre bank. May as well put a spotlight on it.

Said cute bank is made by Copenhagen-based ferm LIVING, available in the LA-area at modern Scandinavian living store, Huset in Abbot Kinney.

Stay tuned, Reader!