Though Katie’s a longtime fan of British new folk band Mumford + Sons and I totally appreciate much of their catalog, they’ve never quite been my thing.

But this new collaborative concept EP they’re doing, Johannesburg, is hitting some pretty key notes for me.

Born of a tour of South Africa and writing collaboration with internationally celebrated Senegalese singer and guitarist, Baaba Maal, a longtime favorite Malawi singer of ours Esau Mwamwaya of The Very Best, and Cape Town pop trio Beatenburg, the project brings to mind western artists of past years who’ve looked to African musical roots for inspiration, so, nothing new there, but the result is beautiful and stirring nonetheless.

You can her Mumford + Sons and Maal perform “There Will Be Time” live in South Africa below and along with a trailer for Johannesburg under that. Spin’s got a Beats 1 interview and world first (“WORLD FIRST”) premiere of the track streaming that’s of interest too.

Album’s out June 17, pre-order via M+S.